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At Moozkit, we take pride in our wedding events. We understand that your wedding reception should be a day to remember forever. Therefore, we will help you customize “your” wedding reception “your way”.

Following is a suggested agenda for a traditional wedding reception. This order of events has proven to give a reception a smooth enjoyable flow.  Ultimately, It’s all about what you have envisioned. Nothing is right or wrong. Some of the most memorable events are those that are out of the ordinary. Let it be about you and be creative!!!

Suggested Order of Reception Events

-Prayer before lunch or dinner
-Meal. If buffet, think about an orderly dismissal of tables.
-Cake cutting *
-First dance *
-Father/daughter dance *
-Mother/son dance *
-Open dancing
-Bouquet toss
-Garter toss
-Money dance
-Open dancing
-Last song or grand exit*

* Special Music

Questions you may have when looking for a wedding DJ

Is the DJ married?
As silly as this question might seem, it is very important that your wedding DJ knows exactly how important this day is for you and how essential it is that everything goes as planned.

What does the DJ wear?
Your DJ becomes part of your event. Therefore, it is essential that your DJ wears the appropriate attire.  Instruct your DJ as to what you want him/her to wear.

What time do you arrive/leave?
Most customers do not take in consideration the set-up and tear down time required for each event. Ask you DJ how much additional time he/she will require and if that time is included in their quote.

Do you visit the venue prior to the reception?
It is very important that your DJ is familiar with the venue and the lay-out prior to the wedding day. The last thing you want is any delays due to poor planning.  Your DJ should do a thorough walk though with you going over event lay out and set-up details.

What music do you play?
The right answer should be “whatever you want me to play.”
A good wedding DJ listens to the client and works with the client to select music that is going to keep the guests dancing and that the guest will remember you by years after.